Getting Crafty: A Guide to Crafts and Hobbies

Getting Crafty: A Guide to Crafts and Hobbies

  • Three Candle Making Supplies That You Can Have More Fun With Than You Think

    Candle making is a very fun and relaxing hobby that many people across the country enjoy. Not only does it leave you with something practical that you can use, gift or even sell to other people, but the process itself can be just as rewarding as the outcome. If you have been making candles for a while and are starting to feel a bit bored by the whole thing, then you might want to consider changing how you make your candles so that it is more interesting.

  • Rustic Ideas for Custom Picture Frames

    Storing photos today has never been easier. Thanks to advancements in technology, you can reproduce old photographs and store them digitally. However, there is something about framing old pictures. For instance, your grandmother's photo is best displayed as a framed piece rather than a digital one. The best part is that you can customise frames for old photos, with rustic style being a popular option for most people. This article highlights rustic ideas for your custom picture frame.

  • Common Techniques Used When Airbrushing

    Amateur artists who are new to airbrushing can find it difficult to master the process, especially if they have been more used to watercolours or applying paint with a knife. Of course, airbrushes are very different from bristled brushes, and you will need to keep practising to master all of the methods used. Remember that you are not necessarily trying to get a very even finish from an airbrush even though this is what you would often want at a bodywork repair centre, for example.

  • 3 Ways to Bring Your Child's Unicorn Bedroom Theme to Life

    The unicorn trend has been booming for over a year now, and it's showing no signs of stopping. If your toddler or young child has asked for a unicorn bedroom design, you probably already know most of the staples of this theme: pastel colours like pink and purple, metallic and glitter accents, and plenty of fluffy unicorn-themed toys and cushions. These ideas are a great foundation, but if you want to go the extra mile for your little one, why not try to make the unicorn theme more immersive?

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Getting Crafty: A Guide to Crafts and Hobbies

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