Getting Crafty: A Guide to Crafts and Hobbies

Getting Crafty: A Guide to Crafts and Hobbies

Three Candle Making Supplies That You Can Have More Fun With Than You Think

by Tanya Jones

Candle making is a very fun and relaxing hobby that many people across the country enjoy. Not only does it leave you with something practical that you can use, gift or even sell to other people, but the process itself can be just as rewarding as the outcome. If you have been making candles for a while and are starting to feel a bit bored by the whole thing, then you might want to consider changing how you make your candles so that it is more interesting. Here are a few tips about your candle making supply that might reinvigorate your interest. 

Fragrance Oil

If you haven't tried making a fragrant candle yet, then there is a whole avenue of new and exciting different types of candles that you can make. From natural smells to something totally out of this world and unique, there are so many different fragrances to play around with that it can be hard to stop once you get on a roll. Check with your candle making supply store to see what sort of fragrances they offer and begin with something that you know will be easy and enjoyable so that it doesn't scare you off the idea entirely!


While you can certainly play with the smell of your candles, you can also play with their shape. After all, wax is very mouldable, and even if your particular type isn't, there are a number of different waxes out there that can fit moulds very easily. You can make candles in the shape of almost anything you want, and if there isn't a mould for the shape you want, then you only have to order it in or check with a different supplier. Think about all the candles you can make for themed parties and events. It is not hard to imagine just how useful this new method of candle making can be!

Types Of Wicks

Just like the wax, you can play with the form and type of wicks to achieve a different effect. From wooden wicks to wicks that burn in a specific way, the sky is the limit. Always make sure that the wick you want is compatible with the type of wax you use, otherwise, you might find a less than ideal pairing, but figuring this out on your own is part of the fun! If you want more advice, ask someone at the candle making supply store you shop at.


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