Getting Crafty: A Guide to Crafts and Hobbies

Getting Crafty: A Guide to Crafts and Hobbies

3 Ways to Bring Your Child's Unicorn Bedroom Theme to Life

by Tanya Jones

The unicorn trend has been booming for over a year now, and it's showing no signs of stopping. If your toddler or young child has asked for a unicorn bedroom design, you probably already know most of the staples of this theme: pastel colours like pink and purple, metallic and glitter accents, and plenty of fluffy unicorn-themed toys and cushions. These ideas are a great foundation, but if you want to go the extra mile for your little one, why not try to make the unicorn theme more immersive? Here are 3 décor ideas that will bring your child's unicorn bedroom to life.

Sparkling Lights

One reason why children and adults alike are so drawn to unicorns is because of their sparkles. Glittery, unicorn-shaped decals and multi-coloured sequin pillows are some of the most common ways to bring the sparkle of unicorns into your child's room, but why not take the idea one step further with 'sparkly' string lights?

String lights (also commonly known as fairy lights) are usually seen adorning Christmas trees, but they can also be used as year-round décor. Look out for string lights with a range of colourful LED bulbs (purple, pink, and blue fit the unicorn theme best) and attach them safely to your child's wall or ceiling. When set to a slow twinkling or flashing setting, these lights resemble a unicorn's sparkles and may even help soothe your child to sleep at night.

Fantasy Mural

Another reason why children are so drawn to unicorns is due to their magical nature. Most children are fascinated by fantasy creatures like fairies and mermaids, and unicorns are no exception. You can bring some of this magic into your child's room with a fantasy-themed mural.

Nowadays, murals don't have to be hand painted. You can achieve the same effect inexpensively with a mural wallpaper. If you check online wall art retailers, you'll find plenty of mural wallpaper options that fit the fantasy theme. The most appropriate ones for a unicorn bedroom usually include plenty of pastel-coloured trees and flowers, rainbows, castles, clouds, and lakes. Many fantasy murals even feature unicorns in the artwork, so make sure you take a look at all the available options.

Unicorn Rocking Horse

Nothing completes the unicorn theme better than a unicorn to ride on. Since there's no way to get your hands on a real unicorn, opt for the next best thing with a unicorn rocking horse.

Most unicorn rocking horses feature soft, fabric bodies with white and pastel colouring and endearing features. This will complete the unicorn theme perfectly and quickly become a favoured toy that captures your child's attention to keep them occupied over the years to come.

As an added bonus, rocking horses are also beneficial to a child's development. Playing with them develops imagination and creativity skills while the rocking motion improves mobility and balance. Rocking can also help children to self-soothe and relax after a long day or a tantrum.

Many retailers offer wholesale rocking horses, so locate one near you to help you complete your child's dream bedroom.


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